Dhale (deyl)

noun. California girl who received a degree in Criminology, Law & Society which oddly led her to a career in event planning, floral design and as an activities director.

also, noun. a wanna-be chef who, despite her lack of culinary training, derives her expertise on the passion to learn and discover all things food related.

also, noun. delightfully dorky, amusingly clumsy and snorts when she laughs.

Pierre (p’yer)

noun. a boy who was born and raised in France, received a master’s degree and moved  to New York to start his career in the finance industry.

also, noun. the geek squad of Culinary Musings who, despite his 11-hour work days, has always found time to devote an exorbitant amount of love and attention to the site.

also, noun. equally dorky, potentially clumsier and consumes more food than a garbage disposal.

Bienvenue!  Welcome!


Every cloud has a silver lining and this is a glimpse into mine.  As a victim of our economic crisis, I decided to uproot myself from California for a whole new adventure – a Los Angeles native adapting to the Manhattan lifestyle with the love of my life.  Surviving in our typical urban apartment equipped with a 5’x5′ kitchen, we share and nurture each other’s fascination for food.

I was always a fan of eating but I didn’t truly start my experience in the kitchen until 6 months ago.  Without any professional training in culinary education or photography, this site is purely fueled by our passion.  We invite you to share in our kitchen messes and successes while we continually explore anything and everything about food.

This is a chronicle of our culinary adventures as we learn the trials and tribulations of a toaster oven.

Bon appétit!

Dhale B.

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