Aug 10 2010

Beet Gnocchi & Smoked Almond Pesto

DSC 0086 21 200x200 Beet Gnocchi & Smoked Almond Pesto

It takes a real man to eat pink gnocchi. Ever since we moved to this neighborhood, we've been swamped with so many restaurants on our "to try" list. A few weekends ago, we finally made it to our very first Michelin star experience at Public. And oh my gawd. We're suckers for unique flavor combinations so ...

Jun 28 2010

Piselli al Prosciutto

DSC 0005 24 200x200 Piselli al Prosciutto

No crazy musings here, folks. Just a classic case of "Girl meets peas. Girl cooks peas". One of my compulsive farmer's market acquisitions buried deep inside our crisper drawer only to be found two weeks later! Next time you're looking for a quick side dish that doesn't compose of potatoes and spinach, give this classic Roman contorno ...

May 28 2010

Cacio e Pepe & Welcome to the Neighborhood!

DSC 0001 2 200x200 Cacio e Pepe & Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Has it really been 23 days since my last post?!? "Bad blogger! Tsk tsk tsk!" (as I scold myself and wiggle my index finger from side to side). It has been quite a frenetic month with packing and moving and unpacking again. But we're happy to finally sit back and enjoy our new home! So where ...

Mar 31 2010

Kiwi Granita

DSC 0476 200x200 Kiwi Granita

One of my favorite parts about going on vacation is the challenge to use all our perishable ingredients in order to avoid coming home to radioactive mutant produce with fur and legs. Kiwi was one of them. It was a close call. The day before our early morning flight to Costa Rica, I discovered 5 sneaky ...

Jan 28 2010

Spaghetti Pomodoro

DSC 0072 2 200x200 Spaghetti Pomodoro

I was a young foodie padawan when I started my first job in the restaurant industry. California Pizza Kitchen was my Yoda. For three years, I waited on tables, silently learning and developing my palate. This was my favorite dish, and it was my destiny to conquer it. If I had super cool html coding powers, ...

Jan 28 2010

Truffled Papardelle & Poached Eggs

DSC 0155 200x200 Truffled Papardelle & Poached Eggs

My best friend has once again teased me about my multi-syllabic meals but this is coming from a guy who has no problems eating tuna straight out of the can. So I dedicate this recipe to my BFF of  18 years. A few months ago, the BFF asked me to post a recipe that is "man-friendly". ...

Jan 11 2010

Rustic Tomato Pizza

DSC 0122 200x200 Rustic Tomato Pizza

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore... When we went hiking in the Pyrénées last summer, his mom packed us a wonderful gourmet lunch as opposed to the usual sandwich or Clif Bar. Life is tough, right? When we were exhausted from our trek, we were rewarded with slices of ...

Dec 10 2009

Prosciutto Egg Cups & Wild Mushrooms

DSC 0068 200x200 Prosciutto Egg Cups & Wild Mushrooms

An entire meal that was invented for  people who like to sleep in on a weekend. A meal that says "Sure! Go ahead and have a few cocktails with your eggs and bacon!". The one meal where you won't be considered an alcoholic for boozing it up before noon. So what's not to love about ...

Dec 8 2009

Tiramisu- La Dolce Vita!

DSC 0004 2 200x200 Tiramisu  La Dolce Vita!

Sounds fancy. Looks fancy. Hence, it's probably too complicated to make it yourself. I always assumed I'd be better off ordering it from a restaurant than causing a tornado of cocoa powder, mascarpone cheese and lady fingers in our kitchen as I sit defeated in a puddle of espresso. Countless recipes used to and currently intimidate ...