Fried Banana Split w/ Raspberry Coulis & Chocolate Ganache

Fried Banana Split w/ Raspberry Coulis & Chocolate Ganache

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a huge fan of taking a classic and adding my own twist.  One day we ended up with a surplus of bananas, so why not add some sass to this ice cream parlor favorite?

Rasberries & Ice Cream

It all started when I saw these cute little bananas at the fruit stand on 14th Street.  I bought them with the intention of using them as a side dish to accompany fish, something I had picked up from his mother when we were in France.  But I always buy too much so we had a few extras.  I love the ingenuity that comes along with the challenge of not allowing any food to go to waste.

Ingredients (fried bananas):

6 small bananas, peeled
6 Tbsp sifted flour
2 Tbsp sugar
1/4 cup milk
1 egg
vegetable oil for frying
  1. Mix together flour, sugar, milk and egg.  Blend until it becomes a smooth paste.  Refrigerate batter for an hour.
  2. When you’re ready to serve dessert, dip bananas in the batter and coat thoroughly.  Deep fry just until it is golden brown.  Remove from oil and place on a paper towel.
Ingredients (chocolate ganache):

4 ounces Lindt 85% dark chocolate
1/4 cup heavy cream
  1. Using the bain marie method, melt the chocolate.  Gradually whisk in the heavy cream and blend until smooth.  Remove from heat and keep warm.
Ingredients (raspberry coulis):

2 cups fresh raspberries
2 Tbsp sugar
  1. In a small saucepan over medium heat, bring raspberries and sugar to boil, stirring occasionally.  After it comes to a boil, lower heat and simmer until mixture starts to thicken.  Remove from heat.
  2. Using a fine mesh strainer and a rubber spatula, strain the mixture into a small container.  Discard the remaining seeds.  Serve warm, chilled or at room temperature.

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