Roulade of Salmon Tartare & Roe

I was a late bloomer. The California roll was my idea of sushi. Meanwhile, all my trendy friends ordered sashimi. I was determined not to let some squishy, raw fish bring me down. I wanted to be cool and look at me now!

After years of training, I can proudly say that I am a HUGE fan of sushi. The slimy, slippery texture that once intimidated my taste buds are now qualities that I love about raw fish. In fact, my boyfriend and I celebrated his birthday at Sushi Yasuda recommended by a fellow foodie, Christine. We sat at the sushi bar and were honored to have Chef Yasuda take us on a journey. It was an amazing experience to have each succulent piece hand-tailored by the master himself while he explained the art and origin of each nigiri. I was even daring enough to try the uni (sea urchin), considering my negative aversion due to a traumatizing surfing accident in Hawaii that involved a reef, my foot and yes, a sea urchin.

But I digress. So clearly, I love sushi. And while this recipe involves smoked salmon, as opposed to my preferred raw version, it still tickles my fancy. There is an explanation as to my choice of smoked fish in this recipe but it’s not nearly as heart-stopping, gut-wrenching and overly dramatic as my sea urchin saga. Simply because he has a compulsion to throw anything that looks good in the shopping cart, hoping that I’ll be able to concoct some fabulous dish. So here you go, love of my life, this is what’s for dinner.


4 ounces smoked salmon
2 Tbsp sesame oil
1 1/2 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp soy sauce
1/2 wasabi powder
1/2 tsp wasabi sesame seeds or plain sesame seeds
1/4 cucumber, diced
1/4 cup avocado, diced
1/4 cup mango, diced
  1. In a smedium bowl, whisk together sesame oil, wasabi powder, soy sauce and sugar. Add salmon, mango, cucumber, avocado and sesame seeds. Toss together and coat.
  2. To serve, place a biscuit cutter on an individual plate and place smoked salmon tartare inside the form. Gently remove the biscuit cutter. Top with a small scoop of salmon roe. Optional: If you’d like to make the cucumber wrap, use a mandoline and slice two very thin strips. Wrap around the roulade and secure with a toothpick if it doesn’t stay put. Be sure to warn your dining companions!

18 Responses to “Roulade of Salmon Tartare & Roe”

  • Tasty Trix Says:

    Oooh, how beautiful is this! I had a similar sushi trajectory – I used to literally gag at it. Now I think it’s yummy. Just goes to show, sometimes you have to give things more than one chance, right?

  • Christine @ Fresh Local and Best Says:

    This recipe is excellent! I’ll have to try it when I can get my hands on a mango.
    Oh, I’m thrilled that you enjoyed Yasuda, and it is quite special to have Chef Yasuda himself serve you.

  • Sook Says:

    This dish looks absolutely elegant and very expensive! :) What a lovely dish!

  • Mimi Says:

    wow looks fantastic.

  • elizabeth Says:

    It’s a bit of hike on the Metro-North from Manhattan, but I strongly urge you to check out Miya’s Sushi in New Haven–that place transformed the way I even look at sushi. It’s very creative and innovative, and of course absolutely delicious.

    Based on what you made in these gorgeous photos, I think you’d really like it!

  • Joy Says:

    Beautiful plating Dhale, I am such a fan of sushi. Beautiful colors, composition and knife skills — bravo!!!!!

  • Malisa Says:

    Sheer art Dhale! I think I love the colors of the food more than anything as I know all about the delicious goodness of raw fish you described.

  • Dhale Says:

    @Tasty Trix: I had to give it many, many chances and so glad I did!

  • Dhale Says:

    @Christine: Thanks again for the recommendation. We’re already planning our next reservation :)

  • Dhale Says:

    @Sook: Thank you! It’s not expensive at all but it looks fancy :). The most expensive was the smoked salmon but definitely worth a try.

  • Dhale Says:

    @Mimi: Thanks Mimi :)

  • Dhale Says:

    @Elizabeth: I’ll have to make a day trip out of it! I also LOVE the white clam pie from Frank Pepe’s in New Haven. It’ll be a day of eating next time we head out to CT :)

  • Dhale Says:

    @Joy: Thanks Joy! Just used a little inspiration from our sushi dinner the previous night. As far as knife skills, I have SO much to learn. We just took a knife skills course last night and we both cut our fingers pretty badly!

  • Dhale Says:

    @Malisa: Thank you, my lovely friend from San Diego ;). I miss the warm Cali winters but I LOOOOOVE it here in NY. Next time you visit, we’ll have to try out our new favorite sushi place! Miss you!

  • Divina Says:

    That looks amazing. The colors are beautiful. I used to ate raw fish but then my father started eating them at home and then followed him, and like it very much.

  • Dhale Says:

    @Divina: Thank you!!! Raw fish is definitely an acquired taste but so glad to have given many, many chances! I love it!

  • Baby Sumo Says:

    Do you mind me asking what camera you use for your pictures?

    The quality and composition is amazing! And your food always looks soooooo mouthwateringly delicious!

  • Dhale Says:

    @Baby Sumo: Thank you for the wonderful compliments! And no I don’t mind you asking at all! I use a Nikon D60 and I mostly use the Nikkor 35mm f/1.8g. I’m still just learning the very basics of photography so I’m not even sure what those numbers mean! But I highly recommend the D60 as a starter because if I can figure out how to use it, then anyone else can :)! We just added a Nikon D90 to the family but I have yet to play with it. It’s so intimidating!

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