Pupcakes For Cowboy & Ninja

This post is dedicated to the two furry, four-legged loves of my life. Meanwhile, the two-legged love of my life is probably snooping around the kitchen trying to sneak a bite of these pupcakes. All three of them have a lot in common. They eat everything.

They say dogs tend to adapt their owner’s personality and I have two very quirky, silly and lovable specimens. Although in my case, I don’t think I should brag because Cowboy sometimes indulges himself by eating his own feces while Ninja compulsively licks doorways.

I love my dogs with every fiber of my being. These are my little babies and my maternal instincts will throw me in front of a car to protect their lives. However, I do NOT dress my dogs in human clothing, push them around in little strollers or carry them inside bedazzled designer purses. I’m not one of those (I apologize if I may have offended those who do that but it’s simply my personal opinion).

However, I am guilty of once putting a ski vest on Cowboy but it was only because we were in Grand Canyon on New Year’s and he was literally shivering. And yes, he does accessorize with a bandana to complete the “Cowboy” persona though you can certainly detect the gnawed off edges where he attempted to remove the damn thing.

It was such a heartbreaking decision to leave them behind with Grandma in California when I decided to move to New York. Sadly, tiny Manhattan apartments are no place for big dogs and they are probably much happier in a home where they have a backyard to run around in. But one of these days, perhaps when we find an apartment large enough for a dog to run around in, I will be reunited with my wonderful fur balls.

Not a day goes by when I don’t think of Cowboy & Ninja with all their crazy shenanigans. Coming home to a pair of half-eaten Uggs was the least bit amusing when Cowboy was a puppy, but images of him running around the backyard with a whole roasted chicken in his mouth always makes me laugh. During a lunch break on our hike, I’ve lost a sandwich to this furry caper when I looked away to talk to my friend. Stole it right out of my hand. The nerve. He’s certainly a repeat offender when it comes to stealing food despite my efforts to reprimand him. I’ve been told my voice doesn’t sound intimidating enough and it doesn’t help when I’m stifling a laugh.

And for a 40-lb. dog, Ninja is quite a spunky little gal. It was a foreshadowing experience when I took her to the dog park when she was still a puppy. A majestic Great Dane had entered and while all the other dogs ignored the massive beast, Ninja came bouncing up to him and proceeded to coerce him into puppy-play by attacking the one thing she could reach… his ankles. She’s a tough little cookie and growing up with a big brother like Cowboy has definitely made its impact.

I can go on for hours reminiscing about my dogs, much like a parent would about their own children. The only difference is, I would be bragging about how Cowboy saw a cat and pulled me into the trunk of a tree, face first. Or how Ninja meticulously picks out the red kibbles in her multi-colored food and leaves the rest behind. But I think it’s loud and clear how much I absolutely, whole-heartedly love my dogs.

Ingredients (pupcakes):

1 1/2 cup flour
3 bananas, ripened
3 eggs
1 cup applesauce
1 tsp baking soda
2 tsp baking powder
1 cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a large bowl, mash up the ripened bananas and beat in the eggs. Next add all the dry ingredients and mix thoroughly. Fill each mold of a lined muffin pan with the batter, 3/4 full. Bake for 15-20 minutes. Cool on a wire rack and add frosting when cooled completely. Makes 12 pupcakes.
Ingredients (frosting):

1/2 package of softened cream cheese
1/2 cup unsalted and unsweetened peanut butter
2 bananas, ripened
Doggie biscuits for garnish
  1. In a small bowl, mix together cream cheese, peanut butter and mashed bananas until creamy. Frost each pupcake and top off with a doggie biscuit.

20 Responses to “Pupcakes For Cowboy & Ninja”

  • Laura Says:

    What a fantastic post and beautiful blog! I have a puppy back in NY, and I’ve recently relocated to LA! It’s funny the amount of similarities between our situations. Enjoy your new world in the Big Apple and I look forward to many more posts :)

  • Sook Says:

    What cute dogs! I want one! :)

  • Mathea Says:

    Is it wrong that I wish I had a dog just to make these for them? Probably, yeah. :)

    So CUTE!

  • Christine @ Fresh Local and Best Says:

    Just popping in to wish you a Merry Christmas!

  • Irene C Says:

    Lovely blog about your doggies and some treats! Merry Christmas!

  • PIERRE Says:

    salut! Ils sont super tes chiens!
    Passe de bonnes fêtes!
    Ici à Paris il fait beau aujourd’hui!!!

  • Jason Says:

    My dogs will LOVE these!

  • Dhale Says:

    @Laura: Thank you! I hope you’re enjoying your new adventure in LA and coping without the companion of your puppy. Maybe you can say hi to my dogs for me and I can say hello to yours 😉

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday and so glad you stopped by!

  • Dhale Says:

    @Sook: I think so too but then again, all parents think their kids are cute ;). I highly support you getting one for you and your family!

  • Dhale Says:

    @Mathea: Lol! It’s kind of like when I see cute baby clothes at the stores… I want one just so I can dress them up. And that is definitely SO all the wrong reasons to want a human dress-up doll 😉

  • Dhale Says:

    @Christine – Fresh Local & Best: I’ve been out of town with family and on hiatus these past few days so I just saw your wonderful holiday wishes. Thank you so much and hope you had a great Christmas! Did you spend it in the city?

  • Dhale Says:

    @Irene C: So great to see you on here. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas :). Where you back in California or did you spend it in Hawaii?

  • Dhale Says:

    @Pierre: You and my boyfriend share the same quintessential French name! On a passé de bonnes fêtes aussi. Ici, il fait gris dans la grosse pomme. Il y a encore de la neige à Paris? Merci d’être passé :)

  • Dhale Says:

    @Jason: I gave some of these to my sister’s dog and he loved it! What kind of dogs do you have? I’d love to know they rate these pupcakes 😉

  • Maggie Says:

    Higbee says these are woooooofable.

  • Dhale Says:

    @Maggie: We gave a pupcake to Duke on Sunday and he hardly chewed! I’m glad Higbee enjoyed them as well. Hopefully that will keep her out of the pantry 😉

  • Joy Says:

    AAW i love dogs so much and Cowboy and Ninja are adorable — I bet they would have a blast with Layla. She’s always the one dog in the dog park that starts chasing wars and gets extremely extremely dirty. Go figure. haha

    These “pupcakes” are so so cute, I am planning on making a batch and handing them out to my doggy loving friends :)

  • Dhale Says:

    @Joy: My heart melts for doggies and I miss mine terribly! I gave a batch of these to the other dogs in our family here and they loved it! But then again, most dogs eat anything 😉

  • Rick Says:

    They are so cute! I love their names! And I am going to try these cupcakes!

  • Dhale @ Culinary Musings Says:

    @Rick: Thank you!!! I think so too but the again, doesn’t every parent think their children are adorable? I loved the idea of naming my dogs after careers that I wished I had 😉

    And I hope your pups enjoy these treats! …You’re making them for your dogs and not yourself, right?! Jk :)

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