Feb 24 2010

Cream of Wild Mushroom & Leek Soup

I've already told you about our quack addiction. We managed to ease off a bit since the habit becomes a little costly and quite frankly, an overdose of quack isn't the best for your health. But did I ever confess our addiction to 'shrooms? So long as we stick to the edible and non-hallucinogenic variety, an ...

Jan 28 2010

Truffled Papardelle & Poached Eggs

My best friend has once again teased me about my multi-syllabic meals but this is coming from a guy who has no problems eating tuna straight out of the can. So I dedicate this recipe to my BFF of  18 years. A few months ago, the BFF asked me to post a recipe that is "man-friendly". ...

Dec 10 2009

Prosciutto Egg Cups & Wild Mushrooms

Proscuitto Egg Cup w/ Wild Mushrooms

An entire meal that was invented for  people who like to sleep in on a weekend. A meal that says "Sure! Go ahead and have a few cocktails with your eggs and bacon!". The one meal where you won't be considered an alcoholic for boozing it up before noon. So what's not to love about ...