Jun 28 2010

Piselli al Prosciutto

DSC 0005 24 200x200 Piselli al Prosciutto

No crazy musings here, folks. Just a classic case of "Girl meets peas. Girl cooks peas". One of my compulsive farmer's market acquisitions buried deep inside our crisper drawer only to be found two weeks later! Next time you're looking for a quick side dish that doesn't compose of potatoes and spinach, give this classic Roman contorno ...

May 28 2010

Cacio e Pepe & Welcome to the Neighborhood!

DSC 0001 2 200x200 Cacio e Pepe & Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Has it really been 23 days since my last post?!? "Bad blogger! Tsk tsk tsk!" (as I scold myself and wiggle my index finger from side to side). It has been quite a frenetic month with packing and moving and unpacking again. But we're happy to finally sit back and enjoy our new home! So where ...