Apr 22 2010

Steamed Sea Bass Roll In a Sesame Ginger Sauce

An inspired dish from the creative chefs at Buddakan. A few months ago a foodie friend from the Pacific Northwest and author of the sassy blog, Salty Seattle, came to NYC for a visit. We decided to grab a few little snackies with our cocktails at Buddakan and like good little foodies, we both made it ...

Dec 7 2009

Saffron Risotto

Saffron Risotto

Risotto is to osso bucco as Robin is to Batman. The ultimate sidekick. This traditional Italian grain with its creamy texture, is such a delicious accompaniment to the meatiness of the braised veal shanks. When we first attempted to make risotto, we must have over estimated the instructions to "keep stirring". For thirty minutes he stood ...