Every cloud has a silver lining and this is a glimpse into mine.  As a victim of our current economic crisis, I decided to uproot myself from California for a whole new adventure – a Los Angeles native adapting to the Manhattan lifestyle with the love of my life.  Surviving in our typical urban apartment equipped with a 5’x5′ kitchen, we share and nurture each other’s fascination for food.

I was always a fan of eating but I didn’t truly start my experience in the kitchen until 6 months ago.  Without any professional education in culinary arts, recipe-writing or photography, this site is purely powered by our passion.  All recipes are derivatives of other recipes and credit is given to those who have inspired our creations.  All photography are taken by us unless otherwise noted.

This is a chronicle of our culinary adventures as we learn the trials and tribulations of a toaster oven.

Thanks for dropping by!

Dhale B.